Specialization - Expertise

Preparation of registration documents for aviation

Our company supports your certification process of your aircraft interior products. We offer our service from the first designs through out the PDR, CDR and finally to the FAI. All of the required documents for certification are made by us.

We experienced that manufacturer of monuments (Galleys, Stowages, Closets, Walls) often have the same problems in design and certification process.

CAE Solution is your partner with experienced specialists, who are dealing with problems of interior manufacturer and solving them. We developed efficient methods to deal with any kind of new task without loss of quality. We support manufacturers for the successful completion of aircraft types:

Interface Loads

The FEA models for the interface loads can be prepared by GA-Drawings or from CAD models. The abstracted models of your components will be analysed with NX Nastran. At an early stage of development we can identify problems e.g large deformations and exceeding loads at your componentes and solve them in cooperation with you.

Static Test Plan

Windmilling Substantiation

Sustained Engine Imbalance (SEI) or "windmilling" as named in avitation industry is an imbalance within the engine. Its caused by a total or a partial loss of an engine fan blade. The shutdown engine will still rotate due to airstream and produce forces noticeable as vibrations. The aircraft have to substain these vibrations to a successful landing.